Member Scores 2020-2021

September - Level 3

Member #NameYTD #
of photos
741Walter Bayer32411888
761Sue Libsch3256988
797Robert Lyon3256988
801Nancy Board3262998
812Debbie Shapiro3262899
816Sharron Wiggins0014
830Bob Woll32411888
833Art Silverglate3262989
836David Tate2171389
838Walter Johnson0014
844Sheri Scholl3256898
846Gerald Marguilies3256988
847Gerard Viardin3262989
851Steve Cucinotta3256889
871Bill Schmidt0014
873Rick Baer0014
885Steve Mednick3271999
890Jason Myers0014

September - Level 2

Member #NameYTD #
of photos
667JoAnna Schillaci006
819Barbara Montelius3261998
829Roger Farleigh006
831Robert Glassberg3244888
861Julie Davis006
869Philp Raphan006
876Janet Contrastano006
877Andrew Quaninella006
878Charlotte Temple006
879Patricia Lefkovith006
880Peggy Femenella3261989
882Mitchell Lombard006
884Anita Allen006
886Mickey Schwartz006
887Alice Silver3261998
891Bill Unger3244888
892Phil Sheel006
893Xavier Maranon006
894Maria Edelman006
895Miriam Litz006
896Frank Imbaro 006

September - Level 1

Member #NameYTD #
of photos
875Nicole Genzer3243888
881Andrew Femenella3261989
883Elaine Siegel004
889Bill Dalton3252898


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