Member Scores 2022 - 2023

January - Level 3

Member # NameYTD # of photosYTD TotalRank #13 #14 #15
741Walter Bayer151234889
761Sue Libsch151197899
797Robert Lyon0016
801Nancy Board129811
812Debbie Shapiro151282879
830Bob Woll151253979
831Robert Glassberg151206989
833Art Silverglate107713888
838Walter Johnson0016
844Sheri Scholl32615
846Gerald Marguilies151119799
847Gerard Viardin151197987
851Steve Cucinotta129312
880Peggy Femenella151234798
885Steve Mednick151301999
890Jason Myers1210210999
905Herbert Zaifert64714989

January - Level 2

Member # NameYTD # of photosYTD TotalRank #13 #14 #15
819Barbara Montelius3234
829Roger Farleigh007
882Mitchell Lombard007
884Anita Allen007
886Mickey Schwartz007
887Alice Silver151182889
891Bill Unger2146
899Marina Grabovskaya151281799
900Kari Murray12983999
902Dominick Napoli007
906Allen Trafny3215
907Jeffrey Segal007

January - Level 1

Member # NameYTD # of photosYTD TotalRank #13 #14 #15
857Zoraya Roncallo9752999
875Nicole Genzer9643
904Karen Katonah151251998
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