December 8, 2021

Three photos with a single theme. Image may be a larger image broken into three individual images or three separate images that are clearly associated with each other. All three must be on a single final image.


November 10, 2021

Should express ideas and emotions in a photographed image without the intention of creating a traditional or realistic image. While many commonly observed photography rules don’t apply, a good abstract photo always has a clear, structural design. Much thought goes into the order, placement, and balance between shapes, patterns, textures, and colors within an abstract image.

Reflections in a Puddle

October 13, 2021

Image should be readily identifiable as a puddle and may be any liquid, inside or outside your home. May be naturally occurring or human made.

Automobile Emblem

September 1, 2021

May include something like the flying lady (Spirit of Ecstasy) on a Rolls Royce, or the symbols used to identify makes or models. May be from an old or newer car.

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