Assigned Topics : September 2019-June 2020

September 11 ...   Moving Water    Water in motion, be it part or all of a waterfall or fountain or drops of rain or water being hurled or thrown.  The motion can be conveyed by either blurring or freezing the action.

October  16 ...
  Automobiles   New or old cars or trucks from the outside.  May be a detail or some individual feature.

November 13 ..
Broad image of multiple elements that obviously represent a city.

December 11 .. Door or Gate.   Entrance way on at least one hinge for anything alive.  Not a mailbox or part of a machine.

January 15...Reflections and Refractions 

 Must utilize an external lens, excluding the camera lens and any direct attachments. Examples of acceptable elements are corrective eyeglasses, magnifying lens, glass ball, water droplet, filled transparent container, curved make-up mirror, chrome hubcap.  The “curve” may be one- or two-dimensional, but not flat glass or wrinkled aluminum foil. The auxiliary optical element should be identifiable, and the reflected or refracted objects should be a major component of the image.

February 12 ...Bugs and the Like.   Any small creepy crawler or flyer. Includes snails, spiders, and worms, etc., not birds or animals.

March 11 ... Long Exposure.    Must be a minimum of 5 seconds .

April 15     ..Night Photography
May 13.. Everglades Landscape.    Must include foreground, midground and background and clearly be recognizable.

June 10.. Abandoned.     Might include all or part of some structure.

and dawn.